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B Amstel
Brandy Rainey Amstel is a producer, director, and writer. She has produced twelve narrative short films, directed eight short films, and written eleven short films. Her shorts have screened and received awards at festivals and she has two new shorts being submitted for festivals in 2008.

She has written several narrative feature films and has numerous projects in various stages of development.

She graduated from the Hollywood Film Institute and has attended classes at Austin Film Works with instructor Steve Mims. She has found that there are many pieces of information that can be learned from attending film schools and workshops; however, nothing is quite like the experience of actually making a movie.

She is a native Texan and an award winning Texas sculpture and painter. She graduated with a BFA from Stephen F. Austin State University. Over the years she has had a fascination with combining the arts to create an experience for the viewer. With the advances in technology, she has been able to incorporate video and film into her creative palette.

Brandy has served as a self-expression and leadership coach for the past 10 years. She finds it very rewarding to make a difference in other people's lives and to help others achieve their dreams. Brandy is recognized as someone that makes things happen and as someone that generates results. She is committed to be the one to make a difference in the film community and help others to achieve their dreams of having a career in film. She is very active in the Austin film community as she serves on the Board of Directors for Reel Women, is a member of the Austin Film Society, and participates with The Network Austin.  She is also a member of the Texas Motion Picture Alliance and has most recently become the leader of the Bootstrap Austin Film Subgroup.


Brandy likes to use film to entertain the audience. One of the things that she has found is that real life stories combined are far more interesting than made up stories. She wants to bring experiences to people that they have never seen and didn't really consider even being an option. What motivates Brandy is the deep desire to tell stories that are unique and powerful from her experiences, while engaging the audience in a world that is outside of their experience. She prefers the kinds of subjects you would be struck with as dramatic, character driven, with action and provocative situations and resolutions.

Brandy had a very unique upbringing on a ranch near the Big Bend National Park. She grew up with no electricity and no telephone, with the nearest town being an hour away. It was very remote. Her backyard was a vast land of high desert beauty that many people have never even known exists. It is Brandy's dream to bring this story to the big screen and to have her story influence children the way the books she read as a child influenced her.

Brandy is currently working on a film that will shock the audience with its raw truth and that will presence a growing problem with a society numb to pharmaceuticals that influence our generation. It is a story about a good guy that is lead astray but finds his way back.

Brandy is shooting films in several different genres to have a well rounded field of experience. She really doesn't want to be stereotyped into any one genre of filmmaking, and would like to be known for creating beautiful, engaging, stories of our human existence.

She has partnered with local entrepreneurs from the Bootstrap Austin Group and B-side Entertainment to create the Bootstrap Film Festival. It is an innovative approach to a film festival in that it combines film programming with a entrepreneurial workshop.

She has committed her production company to adhere to an environmental policy and to being carbon neutral. A portion of the company’s net profits are donated to a worthy cause. She is committed to making a difference in the world through her actions as well as through her movie content.

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